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Smile Like the Stars

At Dentasarım Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we aim to give our patients a dazzling and aesthetic smile in Hollywood Smile treatment. This special treatment completely reshapes your smile, offering you a stunning and impressive smile like film stars.

Features of Hollywood Smile Treatment

  • Correction of tooth shape and color with porcelain veneers or laminates
  • Bright smiles with teeth whitening treatments
  • Personalized aesthetic planning with smile design analysis
  • Perfect smile symmetry with gum adjustments
  • Advanced digital design and 3D imaging technologies

Treatment Process

  1. Personalized Design: A custom design is created for each patient based on their facial structure and personal preferences.
  2. Expert Application: Our experienced dentists perform the procedure using the latest technology and materials.
  3. Final Checks and Adjustments: Final examinations and necessary adjustments are made to achieve perfect results.

Hollywood Smile treatment not only completely transforms your smile to give you an aesthetic appearance but also boosts your confidence and helps you stand out in your social life.

Advanced Innovative Technology and Professional Dentists

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